save the planet - just by waiting

each second, 136kg of apparel are wasted worldwide. with your support, SPLEISURE reduces this useless overproduction. we will only trigger production according to incoming orders. you simply have to wait 3 weeks until your selected item is made for you. for more details please visit Production on Demand

create a new apparel industry with SPLEISURE

since we at SPLEISURE follow a new approach in production, we depend on your feedback. take part in our survey on our business model "production on demand" and help shape our products and the future of our planet.


pull products into the market according to demand - made for you

1. individual purchase

customer orders exactly what he/she wants

2. small-scale production

production will only be triggered once customers have placed an order

3. pleasant anticipation

customer is happy to wait a few weeks until the product specifically "made for him/her" is delivered

4. feel.great.change

because of the customer's patience, he/she has significantly helped to reduce useless overproduction. this makes him/her feel great, not least because great change has been initiated

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