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going organic

organic cotton is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who are looking to make more sustainable choices in their clothing. as more people become aware of the negative environmental...

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TENCEL: the perfect fabric for sports and leisure clothing

sports and leisure brands are known for creating comfortable and functional clothing that can keep up with the demands of an active lifestyle. when it comes to choosing the right...

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SPLEISURE: a new sports and leisure brand for a sustainable future

every second, 136kg of clothing is thrown away worldwide. SPLEISURE has set itself the goal of reducing this unnecessary overproduction in the short term and even avoiding it altogether in...

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on-demand - what it is and how it works

on-demand manufacturing is a relatively new technology that allows companies to produce products quickly and efficiently without the traditional constraints and costs of traditional production methods. at its core, on-demand...

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what is sustainability? and why is it so important?

sustainability means the ability to exist and develop without depleting natural resources for the future. (Brundtland Report Of The United Nations) this report, which is to be ratified globally by...

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overproduction in the textile industry

the textile industry is one of the largest and most widespread sectors of the global economy. in recent years, the textile industry has developed into a complex network of companies,...

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