our steps to create a cleaner textile industry

  • today, fast fashion brands are producing twice the amount of clothes than in the year 2000
  • 5.8 million tons of textile waste are produced annually alone in the EU. only a quarter is recycled, the remaining 4.3 million tons (136kg each second) are dumped
  • the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of global waste water
  • it takes around 15,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of regular cotton, organic cotton requires only 1,350 liters (that’s 9%)
  • the average consumer buys 60% more clothing items annually
  • the number of times a garment is worn has declined by around 36% in 15 years


reduce textile waste on the pre-consumer side by only producing on demand.

only use organic cotton for our products and other ecological fibers

invite our customers to using the textile closed loop recycling program of our partner I:CO

invite our customers to using our textile repair program

innovative & sustainable material blends

all our products are made of ecological & certified fibers, mostly a blend of organic cotton & TENCEL ™. 

while it takes around 15,000 liters of water to produce 1kg of regular cotton, organic cotton requires only 1,350 liters. 

TENCEL ™ is produced in an environmentally responsible closed loop production process, which transforms wood pulp into cellulosic fibers.

benefits of TENCEL fibers

production process of TENCEL fibers

we buy all our textile fabrics from Zeynar, one of the leaders of sustainable fabric manufacturing. Zeynar is adopting a business approach supporting sustainability approved by Oeko-Tex class I, GOTS, OCS, GRS, RCS and bluesign.

product repairs

we believe in prolonging the life of our products and reducing waste by offering a repair service. to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and to support our local community, we work with local tailors and offer an optional repair service. in case you need a repair, please send us your inquiry via info@spleisure.com and a proof of your purchase. we will assess the product and determine a cost estimate for the repair.

sourcing & production

all our products are manufactured in Europe and only made for you. we have selected some very fine boutique production facilities that place a strong focus on sustainability and offer a fair working environment to their workers. with a focus on quality over quantity, the passionate workers are dedicated to creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are both functional and beautiful. by choosing to purchase our products, you are not only investing in a piece of clothing that is truly unique but also supporting the continuation of a tradition of quality craftsmanship. we hope you will embrace the value of our products and feel.great.change.

closed loop recycling

only less than 1% of garments are recycled into new products at the end of their life cycles. together with our partner I:CO, we offer a resource-efficient take-back system to reduce textile waste. if you decide to return your SPLEISURE product, we will cover the respective freight costs, and you will receive a EUR 20 value voucher for your next purchase at spleisure.com. all collected apparel is either given a new life by being reused as second-hand goods or recycled to become new products, while some of the unwearable items remain in a closed loop within the textile industry. contact us at info@spleisure.com for next steps.