our business model: pull products into the market according to demand.

made for you.

1. individual purchase

customer orders exactly what he/she wants

2. small-scale production

production will only be triggered once customers have placed an order

3. pleasant anticipation

customer is happy to wait 3 weeks until the product specifically "made for him/her" is delivered

4. feel.great.change

because of the customer's patience, he/she has significantly helped to reduce useless overproduction. this makes him/her feel great, not least because great change has been initiated.

the common business model: push products into the market.

- a big part made for the mountain of trash.

1. uncertain purchase order

brands place a large-scale purchase order based on history & assumptions

2. mass production

huge manufacturing lines produce high volume apparel

3. massive offer

customer choose from a big offer however sustainability matters are neglected

4. useless overproduction

on average, customers only wear
50% of their wardrobe

4. overconsumption

3 out of 5 garments end up in a landfill because they either are never sold or are thrown away not long after the purchase