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for the shipping of your order we use the sustainable reusable packaging of boomerang®. learn everything about the concept of boomerang® and how you can return your reusable packaging after ordering.                    

boomerang packs are reusable shipping bags for online retail that can be reused 50 times. accordingly, 1 reusable shipping bag replaces 50 disposable cartons.

all spleisure products are produced in a limited edition of only 3,333 pieces. scan the qr-code in your care label and find out which of the limited 3,333 pieces is yours.
Shipping is currently only available within Germany. From a minimum order value of €150, shipping within Germany is free of charge. A delivery fee of €5.90 will be charged for orders below the minimum order value. Parcels can be returned to us within 14 days of receipt of the goods. information on returning the reusable packaging from boomerang® can be found <a href="{{ }}">here</a>

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we produce in europe under fair conditions. we only use ecological & certified fibres.

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