SPLEISURE aims to transform the fashion and lifestyle industry through an eco-friendly and resource-saving business model, Production on Demand (PoD). by 2030, we would like to see this model widely adopted in the apparel industry and a reduction of overproduction by 5at least 50%. SPLEISURE does things differently and recognizes that the world does not need just another company producing clothes in the established way of mass production. we are proud to be part of a slow and intentional approach to fashion. SPLEISURE customers celebrate the pleasant anticipation for a beloved product as a joint commitment for our planet.

our products: sports & leisure

our versatile products blur the lines between sports and leisure. our goal is to promote sustainability by reducing the need for customers to purchase multiple more specialized products. by providing greater value to customers through multi-functional products for use on and of “the pitch”, we encourage a more sustainable choice and help curb overproduction in the industry. we believe that this offer will create a high degree of customer satisfaction and helps build a great community and loyal customer base.

who we are

you may contact me at or LinkedIn

all we want to disclose about the actual 3 founders is that we live in the Metropolitan area of Munich and have altogether > 50 years of professional experience in the sporting goods, fashion and online marketing industry. we work/have worked for well-known companies such as Mammut, On-Running, Google, Breuninger, Hackett, Pepe Jeans Group, HEAD, Porsche, Lowa, Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger.

our core values

  • customer centric
  • fair
  • transparent & honest: open communication
  • agile: the only constant is change
  • enthusiastic
  • authentic
  • innovative: never stop improving
  • fanatic in the attention to detail

our collaborations

our product is king and must provide the best possible performance while leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint. therefore, SPLEISURE has collaborated with Alexa Dehmel, a textile expert in the sports apparel industry, to develop our apparel styles. Alexa screened hundreds of innovative material blends and chose material compositions that offer an ideal combination of performance & sustainability attributes. the result is that we use ecological & certified fibers offering great function as well as super touch & feel. Alexa has 20+ years experience in performance sports clothing, managed several design projects for brands such as adidas sailing, Puma, North Sails, W.L. GORE, Voelkl and Vaude, and is a former head of apparel jury at ISPO AWARD. we are super proud the Alexa is part of the SPLEISURE team.

meaning of 3

the number “3” symbolizes luck and success. for us, at SPLEISURE, however, this number means much more - it is an essential part of our business idea and evident throughout our story:

  • SPLEISURE has 3 founders.
  • our logo consists of 3 elements.
  • we have 3 CI colors.
  • all of our styles are offered in a limited quantity of 3,333 pcs
  • our slogan consists of 3 words: feel.great.change
  • the “3” you will as well notice in our approach towards pricing

all our CI colors represent natural elements: green resembles the earth, white stands for the sky and blue represents the water. this not only adds beauty to our brand, but also pays homage to our planet and the nature we live in.

at SPLEISURE, we believe in honesty and fairness. our pricing will always be without the use of deceptive psychological pricing tactics often seen in the market. hence, you will see a “3” not the “x9,99” ….